Benefits and Features of Cedar Split-Rail Fencing:

Long Lasting
Western Red split cedar lasts longer than round or sawn wood. It is known to last a
lifetime in certain soils. It's split design and fine grain provide a high resistance to

Environmentally Friendly
Western Red Cedar requires no harmful preservatives. It is naturally bug and rot
resistant.  Adds beauty to any landscape setting.

Easy to Install
Western Red Cedar split rails are notched and posts are drilled so they fit together
easily. They are fast and easy to assemble. Please refer to our
Installation Tips
page for step-by-step directions.  

Easy to Maintain
Western Red Cedar split rail fencing requires no painting.  However, if you want to
add a stain for color we recommend using
ONE TIME brand.  It provides a 7 yr
Warranty.  If left untreated your cedar posts and rails will turn to a light silver-gray
color in a few years.  Giving it that Old West Rustic look.
3-Rail Cedar Fence with 4' Gate
Did you know
WRC Split-Rail fence
costs less than
vinyl rail fencing?
Proudly bringing you the BEST in Western Red Cedar products in all of North America.
Every post & rail is hand split and is aesthetically pleasing as they curve in and around knots.

The very fine grained cedar requires no preservatives and has a high resistance to decay.  The rails are notched and
the posts are drilled so they are easy to install and require no nails or other fastening devices.  

Split-Rail Fence comes in 1-Rail, 2-Rail, 3-Rail, or 4-Rail options.  We also have Zig Zag fence which requires no posts.
We carry a large inventory of product to ensure prompt delivery.

Western Red Cedar Mulch is by far the BEST cedar mulch around!!!    

No other mulch can even compare with our quality or packaging standards.  If you are looking for a mulch that will
last for years without having to be replaced and one that adds beauty and aroma to any landscape, look no further.  
Exclusively offered in a 5.5 cubic yard "Bale" by Box Lake Lumber Products Ltd. & Ihler Sales & Distribution, LLC.

We don't blend or mix other wood species
with our cedar like some of our competitors do.  We work with same
size and age of Western Red Cedar logs every day of the year so our
product is consistent in color, size and texture all year round.  

We have loaded 1,000's of trucks over the years-  with complete
customer satisfaction.  If your business or landscaping needs are
looking for something better, let Ihler Sales & Distribution, LLC. be your
next Western Red Cedar supplier.  You will be happy you did.

Our Cedar is 100% Natural
It is also S.F.I. Certified for those of you who need certified mulches.
Available in loose bulk, compressed bale and 2 cuft bags
Units of Cedar Post and Rails ready for shipping.
6' x 8' Cedar Arbor
with any purchase
over $5000.00.
(must mention you saw
it on our website.)
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