Installation Tips:  (Please read all steps below before you start.)

1. Before digging, use string, 100' tape measure and marking paint to mark every 10 ft (or 8 ft if
using 8 ft rails) centers for entire fence area.  Keep your markings small about 2" in diameter.  You
can now remove string out of way before digging holes.

2. Use a post hole digger or auger to dig all holes approximately 10-12" wide and between 24 to 27"
inches deep to ensure top rail is approximately 36" (for 2-rail) or 48" (for 3-rail)
, 60" (for 4-rail)  
inches above ground.  (Note- try to keep the top of posts in line and at a height that is pleasing to
the eye to see.  Don't worry about following the ground level exactly since not all ground is perfectly

3. Start by installing one of your corner (or end) posts plumb and straight.

4. Tie a string to this post and also at the other end of fence line and pull tight (it is recommended
that your second end of fence line is marked by using a wooden or metal stake).

5. After corner post is level and securely set with either some gravel or dirt from hole (
CONCRETE!  You want water to drain away from post and not get trapped in as concrete
) slide some rails into the pre-drilled holes into the first post.  Then do the same for the next,
or second post.  
Helpful tip: It is best to angle the second post a little away from first post and start
installing the bottom rail first; then work your way up by pulling second post closer in towards first
post while at same time placing the second rail into next hole in post; repeat for top rail or hole #3 on
3-rail style fence.
 After all rails are in place, use a soft rubber mallet (not a hard metal hammer) to
hit the outside of post so as to pound in towards rails which will then seat the rails securely into both
posts.  You want all rails to be as snug as possible.

6. Make sure second post is straight up-n-down and in line with your end of fence.  Once it is in the
right spot you can now tamp dirt (or gravel) around the second post.  Make sure you pack it
thoroughly.  Note: Some people like to place a tight string between both ends of fence line and at a
height near the top of the posts.  With string in place all you have to do is lean the next post (with
rails already in place) up against the string so that edge of post makes slight contact with string.  
Make sure the top of post is at the desired height before throwing in dirt/gravel and packing.  This
should help keep a straight fence.

7. When you are placing the rails into the post's holes try to ensure that the widest side of the rail is
on top (up towards the sky and not towards the ground).  It is recommended also that you use the
largest of your rails for the top rail (for added strength) and then on the bottom rail with the middle
rail being the smallest in diameter of all rails used.

8. Continue installing rails and posts in the above manner until entire fence is completed.

9. Remember our Cedar Gates will require approximately
9 extra inches in opening for hardware to
swing properly
.  We have custom made gate hinges and latches (in various styles) to accommodate
any of your needs.  
Typlically, our 4'4" gates require 61" opening between gate posts; 8'4" gates
need 109"; 10'4" gates require 121".

10. Once fence is installed, you may need to raise or lower a fence post a little either way so as to
make it "picture perfect" to the natural eye.  To raise a post, simply use a 4' jack (or similar jack) and
place it under one of the bottom rails close to the post.  Crank jack up till post is lifted out of ground
to desired height level.  Before releasing jack, re-tamp the dirt/gravel around the base of post.  To
lower a post, hit the top of post downward using bottom edge of a front end loader or tractor bucket
or your tamping bar.  It may take a few hits to get the desired height.  This is why we like to drill or
dig our holes in the beginning a little lower than we actually need- we have a little soft dirt to drive
these post into if needed.

11. Install any gates if needed (follow instructions in packet that comes with hardware).  

12. We highly recommend that you use a 3" #8 treated wood/deck screw (they have them colored to
match redwood/cedar decks) and drill one screw into each post for every rail end.  Every rail end
should have one screw holding it to the post.  This will prevent rail from wanting to shift or fall out
years down the road.  It is a simple thing to do and it will add many years to your fence.  After all- we
want this to be the last fence you will ever need to install in your lifetime around your property.

13. If you want to preserve the natural color of your new cedar fence you can use a wood
preservative (similar to what is used on log homes) to accomplish this.  We like to use a product
made by
ONE TIME.  Company provides a Warranty against fading or peeling for 7 years.  This may
be sprayed on or brushed on.  We recommend hand brushing.  Available in 5 colors.  If this
treatment is not added, your fence will naturally turn grey in color over the years.  [visit for more information on stain]

NEW for 2016 Season... WE offer a one time life treatment application (single or double
coat) that we do before delivery or installation.  It will save you time and money.  Let us
stain it for you.

14. Now you can RELAX & ENJOY your new fence.   P.S. Send us some pictures!
Installation Tips
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Check to see if it is in line...
Enjoy your new fence!
Then- tamp...tamp...tamp !
Mark your post locations...
12" auger
Begin to dig holes...
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