How do you know which mulch product to use?

There are many common names for cedar products here in the US like- Eastern
Aromatic, Northern White, Mountain, Coastal, Western Red Cedar, and many others.  
They ALL vary in color, smell, texture and longevity.

From years of experience I have found that
Western Red Cedar Mulch from as far
North as you can get (British Columbia) and West of the Rocky Mountain Range
produces the deepest reds/oranges in color and also the largest trees.  
As a result,
this product has more bark and heart wood which helps provide better
qualities and characteristics for many years of beauty to be enjoyed.  

Other so called "Western Red Cedar" mills have to use  younger and smaller trees and
these trees produce a very light color (almost yellowish/gold) mulch and it will either turn
gray in color very quickly or else it will turn a dark brown to black if blended with other
wood products like Douglas Fir or Pine commonly found and produced at these mills.  
Our mill produces ONLY 100% WRC products so we never have to worry about
blending or contamination from foreign wood or mulches.

Many years of experience and many happy customers tells me which mulch is most
  Ihler Sales & Distribution, LLC believes we have found the very BEST of
Western Red Cedar Mulches and we are proud to offer it to you.  Demand Quality!

We will ship directly to you from the mill in most cases- especially in full t/l quantities.
Benefits of our WRC 5.5 cuyd Bales
4'3" length x 4' width x 4'5" height
Weighs between 1,200 to 1,600 lbs
Coverage: 600 sq. ft. @ 3" depth
Fits easily in back of 1/2 ton pickup/truck bed
Stores Indoor/Outdoor until you need it
Repels unwanted insects around home
Will provide year after year beauty
No dump truck, tarps, or storage bin needed
Improves your inventory management
No Shrink! No Loss! No Waste!
Maintains freshness longer than bulk
No other WRC product can match our Quality!
Each bale includes:
5.5 cuyd of WRC;
bottom and top pallet;
two metal bands;
doubled shrink wrapping

Easy to open
Use only what you
need at the time
and store the rest
(directions on bale for opening)
We ship full semi-loads (from 32 to 44 bales per t/l.  Varies in each market due to road weight limits)
to smaller partial-loads (1 to 1
6 bales) via  our 30' flat-deck trailer.  

If a fork lift is needed let us know ahead of time and we may be able to bring one with us.
What bale looks like without wrapping.
10 Cedar Bales loaded and ready for shipment to a
local garden center in Pocatello, ID area.
Bales being unloaded at garden center (any forklift
or tractor with forks can be used to handle bales)
Bales can be placed anywhere for storage.  
This customer also likes to sell product in loose
bulk form for those that do not need all 5.5 cuyds.
Plastic wrapping is available in either white or red.
(white is preferred for longer storage needs)
Securing load of bales at the mill before leaving
for final destination.  Loads are also tarped.

First, a flat concrete area was cleared off of any debris.

Second, we used 2x4 lumber to make a box frame.  The width of a 2x4 is 3.6 inches.  We used this for our height.

Third, we made the two sides (for length x width) which measured out to be 10 feet wide by 49.5 feet in length.  Our length
was going to be the variable by moving the end board either "in or out" to where ever the mulch would end after all mulch
was used from the bale.  This would then be squared off making a perfect rectangle.

Fourth, we then opened one bale of mulch and began spreading it out.  Entire area was then leveled off.   Much like
screening concrete when working with cement on a driveway or patio- you want the final grade to be as level as possible.

Finally, ts time to multiply the numbers and determine yardage.

[For easier mathematics I am going to convert feet to inches.]

Length= 594 inches x Width= 120 inches x Height= 3.6 inches
Equals a total of 256,608 square inches

One cubic foot has 1,728 sq. inches (12" x 12" x 12")
One cubic yard has 27 cubic feet in it.

Final calculation: 256,608 / 1,728 = 148.5 cubic feet
        148.5  / 27 = 5.5

Exactly 5.5 cubic yards per bale!

Cedar Chips for Playground Areas

Available in loose bulk or in a
compressed bale form

Same size as our Cedar Mulch
bales but due to no bark in
product, only clean cedar chips,
chips do not compress as much.  

Each bale will yield 4.8 cubic
yards or approx 259 sq feet at a 6"

We also have a smaller size with
bark fines for
Animal Bedding.

Call for pricing and more details.
Now Available...
WRC in 2 cubic foot bags
55 bags per pallet.  
Combine Bales and Bags on
same truck load.
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